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Trusted Analytical Finance Solutions

We provide you with trusted analytical finance solutions, combining the best in financial engineering and credit modelling in both the UK and US.

We’re a subsidiary of MIAC Analytics in the US and we combine to offer a unique synergy of financial services and software to our clients

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Insightful Behavioural Analysis

We provide independent Quantitive Mortage Modelling, Stress Testing, Loss Forecasting and Model Validation Solutions.

Experts in Secondary & Capital Markets

Experts in Secondary & Capital Markets

Industry leading provider of state-of-the-art market valuation services on whole loas and complex structured products.

Innovative Housing Analytics

Innovative Housing Analytics

Residential property valuation tools for the mortage market backed by a rich history in house price and rental market modelling.

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Experienced & Specialist Team

Combining our collective skills and experience to help your institution understand the value of key assets and optimise your decision making capability.

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Underpinned by MIAC Analytics Software

The MIAC Analytics™ software suite is trusted worldwide. A multi-purpose and proprietary software suite that is the foundation upon which all MIAC’s analytical capability is built.

6 out of the top 10

Largest Mortage Servicers licence MIAC Analytics software

9 out of 12

Federal Home Loan Banks use MIAC Analytics and/or MIAC Valuation Services

$4 trillion

in mortage Whole Loans, MSRs, Structured Products and derivatives each month

Robert Husted

Bob Husted

Principal at MIAC and MIAC Analytics Ltd

Greater New York City

During 2018, MIAC enters its 29th year of operation in the United States and its 8th year of operation in the United Kingdom through MIAC Acadametrics Ltd. Bob takes great pride in MIAC’s continued adherence to the commitment it made to its clients in 1989; to provide world class valuation and risk management analytics for financial institutions and delivering it in a thoroughly independent manner.

David Pickles

Managing Director at MIAC Analytics Ltd

West Yorkshire, UK

David is an industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience of working at executive level across a range of business sectors. He takes the lead on relationship management and business development.

He is typically the first point of contact for any enquiries regarding the products and services we offer at MIAC and is always on hand to discuss client’s needs.

A big fan of classic cars and fishing; he even goes fishing in classic cars….

Lisa Malie

Director at MIAC and MIAC Analytics Ltd

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Lisa is a seasoned professional with 20+ years’ experience in mortgage and consumer lending. She takes the lead on all software assignments and manages the software’s evolution and testing. A strategically focussed manager with strong financial and operational skills, she is proficient at solving complex financial and technical challenges.

Having worked closely with the UK business since its origin, Lisa has diverse experience with a wide range of US and European lenders, regulators, capital markets players, and private equity and specialty finance firms.

Joseph Furlong

Joe Furlong

Director, Due Diligence Group at MIAC and MIAC Analytics Ltd

New York, US

Joseph joined MIAC in April 2010 as Senior Vice President of the Capital Markets Group. He has over 23 years of experience within the banking industries.

His duties at MIAC include overseeing and performing a variety of valuation and analysis services associated with commercial and consumer whole loan and structures.

Joe F also heads up the Due Diligence Group in the US and works closely with George and team in the UK. He has been instrumental in the development of the VeriFi Due Diligence software programme and has an impressive track record in leading MIAC’s due diligence assignments on behalf of the FDIC in the US.

Dr Darrel Welch

Managing Director at MIAC Analytics Ltd

London, UK

Darrel leads on all quantitative elements of model validation and development assignments. This includes oversight and/or build of underlying behavioural and loss models for stress testing and asset valuation.

This includes development and oversight of all collateral valuation tools; rental and collateral.

He is instrumental in the advancement of the UK and European software modules within MIAC AnalyticsTM and collaborates with the US team on quantitative problems in his areas of expertise; optimisation, bond structure modelling and customer behavioural analytics.

Darrel is a passionate guitar player and regularly attends gigs in his spare time.

George Patellis Due Diligence

George Patellis

Director, Due Diligence Group (UK & Europe)

London, UK

The Due Diligence Group of MIAC is geared up to provide industry leading due diligence services and technology. George heads up this effort and takes responsibility for business development and client management.

Using his profound and diverse industry experience, he is perfectly placed to understand where MIAC can add-value with our unique proposition; blending due diligence services with analytical capability under one roof.

Nilofar Afzali

Senior Quantitative Analyst

London, UK

Nilo joined in December 2017 and is a vital cog in the MIAC UK engine room; processing data, running models and ensuring our services maintain the highest standards for our clients.

Having gained a master’s degree (distinction) in Complex Systems Modelling – to complement her First Class Honours degree in Mathematical Science with Finance and Economics – Nilofar is excited about contributing to MIAC’s quantitative products and services.

Nilofar expresses a deep reverence for reading, especially classical Persian poetry and spirituality. 

She is also your typical ambivert; she enjoys being social, and having deep, meaningful conversations, but equally enjoys being an island. 

Maab Ibrahim

Senior Data Scientist

London, UK

Maab joined MIAC in October 2020 from Leeds University where she gained her master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science. She is excited to reflect her expertise in Data Science, Programming and web development in MIAC UK.

She cites Grace Hopper and Andrew Ng as the biggest influences on her career interests.

Archana Katageri

Data Scientist

London, UK

Archana joined MIAC in July 2021 as an enthusiastic Data Scientist. She received her masters in Mathematics in 2005 from Karnataka University Dharwad in India and masters in Data Science in 2021 from City University of London. Archana is enthusiastic to put her skills in Data Science and property analytics in MIAC UK.

She has a passion for cooking and the adventurous activities.

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