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Capital markets



Capital markets

We provide a range of support and bond valuation services to capital markets participants; structured finance groups within retail banks, investment banks, trustees, master trusts, and all other firms that either originate or manage structured finance products such as asset backed securities (ABS), mortgage backed securities (MBS), CDOs and covered bonds.

MIAC has a long history of involvement with both both primary and secondary markets

Capital markets at MIAC

within capital markets, MIAC is mainly focused on providing our partners with the knowledge and tools to gain market insights.


MIAC works with partners to provide advisory and analytics on all aspects of bond structuring, valuation, risk retention and derecognition.


EU policies around risk retention and IFRS 9 rules on derecognition of assets provide challenges for market participants when it comes to simultaneously keeping ‘skin-in-the-game’ and removing assets from the balance sheet. MIAC provides an independent view of the value of the eligible risk retention. We work closely with the issuer, underwriters, accountants and legal counsel to ensure robust and verifiable assumptions are derived from the offering materials in order to provide our partners with the most reliable valuations and analyses.


Bond Agent™ as a capital markets tool

MIAC’s capital markets services utilise our proprietary bond analytics software Bond Agent™ which allows users to input underlying collateral cashflows, either user-defined or through MIAC’s assets and liability software, Vision™.

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