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Core Services

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our core services for any asset class with a primary focus being residential mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, lifetime mortgages (equity release), securitisations, consumer loans, commercial loans, auto loans and unsecured debt

About Us

Decades of Software Innovation

With our 30+ years of innovation, MIAC has the analytics and the experience to guide our clients through market turmoil and any investor, regulatory, and accounting developments affecting the finance industry.

MIAC UK is the London based subsidiary of MIAC US, an international firm headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, NY – with additional sales and development teams in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, London, and India.


MIAC was established in 1989 as an independent, tech-enabled financial services and software company. Amid a national financial crisis, MIAC has provided excellent service in the ever-changing market.



we all witnessed how recent unprecedented times have impacted our families, communities, and lives. What we have faced together across the globe has been challenging, and we have experienced many changes in our lives. One thing we are certain of is that the exceptional work performance of the MIAC Team has not wavered.

We continue to introduce improved software products, advisory services, and new product lines. MIAC is stronger than ever. Never before in our history have we had such enormous opportunities ahead for us.



Our Clients

Adding value to our clients through analytics is at the heart of everything we do. We work with a wide range of clients across the full credit lifecycle including Lenders, Capital Markets, Private Equity, Specialty Finance, Regulatory and Sovereign Institutions.

The depth of experience within our team, and the adaptability of our solutions, enable us to provide the same high level of service to market participants across all elements of financial services.


Whether it is providing collateral valuation services for residential property; asset valuation for any portfolio of assets held on book or put up for trading; stress testing portfolios for expected losses or capital adequacy under various macroeconomic scenarios; or validating model frameworks or specific sub-models; MIAC Analytics Ltd helps lenders meet their varying risk management challenges and empowers their decision making capability.

We provide our services to a range of banks, building societies and other lenders on all types of debt.

Capital Markets

We provide a range of support and bond valuation services to capital markets participants; structured finance groups within retail banks, investment banks, trustees, master trusts, and all other firms that either originate or manage structured finance products such as asset backed securities (ABS), mortgage backed securities (MBS), CDOs and covered bonds.

MIAC’s capital markets services utilise our proprietary bond analytics software Bond Agent™ which allows users to input underlying collateral cashflows, either user defined or through MIAC’s assets and liability software, Vision™.

Private Equity and Specialty Finance

We work with private equity, hedge funds, peer-to-peer platforms (P2P), credit opportunity funds and any other purchaser, owner or servicer of debt that wishes to gain a better understanding of their asset value and the likely future performance.

Through our tailored solutions, we have a seasoned track record in either routine or one off independent asset valuations to satisfy investment committees or for accounting book value.

Additionally, where organisations have data management challenges or the desire to enhance their internal analytical capability there is the option to take our software, MIAC Analytics™, in-house.

Regulatory and Sovereign Institutions

Working on behalf of governmental departments or for government appointed regulatory institutions is another core part of our business.

Since the financial crisis of 2007 and the subsequent Eurozone crisis, there have been significant demands on these organisations and the need for them to work with independent consultants to deliver on their objectives.


“Whilst it may sound cliché, for over 30 years the “secret to our success” in financial analytics has been listening to our clients and then working to the most exacting standards possible to fulfil their analytical needs. Our clients operate in a mission-critical environment and it is incumbent on us to do the same.”

Bob Husted

Principal at MIAC

“We have found the most effective approach to meet the ever changing demands of the financial markets is through continuous software evolution that is driven by both our partners who licence our products and our own experts who are users within the advisory space. This unique complimentary combination of software and advisory for global financial markets, together with the importance all team members in MIAC put on long-term interactive relationships is why institutions choose to partner with MIAC. ”

David Pickles, Managing Director

MIAC Analytics Ltd

“My thesis on the impact of flood risk to UK property prices was made possible by MIAC who gave me the opportunity, data and guidance to work on this interesting and relevant topic. Not only did this fulfil my course requirements, but I feel proud that it has also contributed towards MIAC’s climate stress test work.”

Nazia Sodial, data scientist intern