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Landbay publish the National Rent Review underpinned by the Rental Index and wider housing analytics from MIAC

The Data:

Analytics in this report produced using the ‘Landbay Rental Index, powered by MIAC‘ and MIAC’s Residential Collateral Revaluation time series.  MIAC also produced some bespoke granular statistics for rental markets surrounding the train stations announced for the new infrastructure projects of HS2 and Crossrail 2.

The Report:

“The first Landbay Annual National Rent Review, provides a detailed look at the UK’s private rental market, based on UK wide rental data developed by mortgage market analysts MIAC Acadametrics. This report provides an overview of the 2016 rental market; what has happened to rents across the nation and some of the factors driving these changes from a macro, micro and regulatory perspective. We look at the data through a geographic lens, plus at a property level through the analysis we undertake on bedroom numbers. Critically, we have interpreted what this means for landlords and investors up and down the country as they look to stay one step ahead of the market.”

Source: Landbay , check out and download the report here.

Press Coverage:

LONDON, Dec 16 (Reuters) – London rents, which are amongst the highest in the world, have fallen this year for the first time since 2010 as landlords rushed into the rental market before a tax increase in April, a report published on Friday showed.

Landbay, a property market lender, said private rents in London edged down by 0.3 percent between January and November 2016. That compared with a 1.9 percent rise in rents across the rest of Britain over the same period.

Landbay chief executive John Goodall said he expected London rents to rise in 2017 when tighter controls on bank lending to landlords was likely to slow the number of rental homes coming on to the market. But he expected growth in London rents to remain below the average for Britain as a whole.

To see the whole article, please click here. Source:  DailyMail