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Property Analytics

MIAC Analytics provides residential property analytics services to help our partners gain further insight into the relative risk and value of the properties in their secured mortgage portfolios.

House price index

Assessed at County level for England, Wales and Scotland, with additional granularity in London where London borough indices are available. Property type is also assessed to increase accuracy and avoid generalised output. MIAC incorporate actual sales from the Land Registry and Registrars of Scotland with additional data sources to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and least volatile index in the market.

Rental value index

Rental indices at the most granular level available in the market. Matching the County and London Borough geographies in our HPI service, as well as including separate values for a number of bedrooms, this product offers unrivalled insight for BTL portfolio management purposes. Provides the ability to track Interest Coverage Ratios over time to coincide with the credit risk assessment of BTL mortgages at the underwriting stage, helping to inform behavioural default models for portfolio monitoring insight.

Rental AVM

Our tools allow you to project anticipated rental income at the individual property level driven by detailed characteristics and observed comparable properties from the surrounding area.

Our Rental Automated Valuation Model (R-AVM) utilises a large database of actual rents received and rental asking price data. This results in a property-level valuation on over 95% of properties in a typical BTL portfolio.


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Core Service

Property analytics web platform

Interactive visualisations of MIAC’s property analytics, including house price and rental indices, analyses of underlying property data in terms of the price distribution, volumes, automated trend tracking, early warning indicators and incorporating ESG data all customisable and downloadable for use as internal MI.