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Risk Management

The realisation of certain financial risks in modern financial history, such as the 2007-2008 credit crises, have made risk management one of the most important areas of finance. Consequently, a significant portion of MIAC’s advisory work is centred around identifying and mitigating such risks.

Through advisory, quantitative and qualitative modelling expertise coupled with proprietary software solutions, MIAC Analytics are able to offer risk management support for all requirements from standard regulatory needs to specific client requirements.

MIAC’s experienced risk professionals have been contributing to risk management frameworks within organisations for over 20 years.

Risk Management at MIAC

Risk management is at the forefront of everything we do at MIAC


Credit Risk

At MIAC we continually look for new ways to enhance our methods for quantifying the potential for credit events and their impact on portfolio performance and management.

Market risk

In the current economic conditions where interest rates are already rising MIAC provides comprehensive pipeline risk management and hedge advisory solutions tailored specifically to the goals of your organisation. MIAC’s team of professionals can quantify your market risk exposures through VaR modelling and advise on the optimal mitigation strategies via hedging solutions.

Behavioural analytics

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Access to a wealth of industry behavioural data can be supplemented with client data for use in building client specific point in time or through the cycle default and loss models, application and behavioural scorecards for credit decisioning, monitoring and reporting. Out of the box models exist and can be calibrated to client data where availability of internal data is low. MIAC’s approach to the clustering of collections for optimal segmentation provides the most accurate cash flow projections and feeds back into the collections process for optimal strategies.

Stress Testing and Reverse Stress Testing

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Undergoing regular stress tests allows financial institutions to identify and quantify potential risks caused from adverse economic scenarios, which then can be mitigated or avoided altogether. MIAC have performed many stress tests as a third party benchmark using both the Bank of England scenarios, client defined scenarios and our own internally derived scenarios.
o Risk based capital calculations such as VaR for use within Basel II/III or Solvency II.


Vision™ as a Risk Management Tool

MIAC’s Vision™ is an efficient risk management software solution that provides our partners with a robust end to end framework for monitoring and reporting credit and market risks within all asset classes.

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