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Valuation & Pricing

Independent portfolio valuation is vital in obtaining a non-biased view of asset prices within prevailing market conditions. MIAC has gained a great deal of experience and expertise in establishing accurate market pricing and asset valuation. Our valuation experts proudly serve over 300 clients worldwide.

MIAC models the future behavior of the asset and generates the monthly cash flows given the current loan characteristics and by applying specific market assumptions.


30 plus years experience of portfolio and collateral valuation projects puts MIAC in a unique position to value your institution’s assets or liabilities

Valuation & pricing at MIAC

Within valuation & pricing, MIAC is mainly focused on 


MIAC’s whole loan trading desk allows us to provide transparency surrounding the normally opaque secondary loan markets. Our integrated process utilises both market feedback and modeling to ensure price accuracy. This ability to benchmark to a wealth of transactions provides MIAC unique insights into fair value of assets within the market and provides our clients with confidence in our valuation outputs.


Vision™ as a valuation & pricing Tool

MIAC’s assets and liability system Vision™ has an array of different pricing methodologies implemented in order to apply the most appropriate methodology to valuation challenges related to any specific asset class. Cash flows are calculated at the loan level which results in the most granular pricing available. 

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