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Due diligence software solution – VeriFi™

MIAC operate all due diligence projects using our proprietary software solution, MIAC Analytics VeriFi™, which is a comprehensive software system that focuses on the banking and lending industries. VeriFi™ customises the loan file review process into a fully adaptable solution (a variety of verifications, compliance testing, and underwriting reviews…). VeriFi is fully flexible to fit the scope of any project.
VeriFi’s flexibility allows business users to customize specific review requirements regardless of the loan asset type. Adjustments can be made during the review in real-time, allowing business users to respond to the demands specifically associated with the project.

VeriFi Management

Manage every aspect of the due diligence operation.



Complete the data validation and reviews with intelligent workflow.

VeriFi Administration

Execute real-time updates to the project.

VeriFi Sync

Connect between the home office and review location.

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