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Data Partnerships

MIAC work with a number of data partners in order to deliver a vast array of modelling solutions. One consequence of this is that we are also able to provide the data directly to clients in cases where the modelling work needs to be taken in-house.

MIAC’s robust data collection and management framework mean that we have the utmost confidence when it comes to modelling and data requirements for our clients. Our data management tool DataRaptor® is used to accumulate, validate, cleanse, report on and output to downstream systems.

The data can be accessed on the fly through a dedicated API for front-end loan origination or delivered via a batch process for back-book data enhancement.

Flood Data

In order to understand the potential flood impact on property collateral financial institutions must be armed with both historical and future scenario-based data at the individual property level.

Flood data has quickly become one of the main ingredients of environmental stress testing in the UK and this is likely to continue as regulators put more pressure on institutions to understand these unique risks.

Energy Performance Certificates Data (EPC)

Information on EPC can aid decision making in a number of areas of the business from loan credit decisioning to loss and default models.

Cladding Data

The ability to identify properties that have or are near cladding is imperative for loan origination and risk management of the back book. This information can feed into loss models which can then apply more stringent conditions on recovery rates and hair cuts.

Loan behaviour Data

MIAC’s Euro-wide loan-level database can be segmented by asset type and country to provide statistics on prepayment and default behaviour that can be used to build or calibrate behavioural models and assumptions for pricing, capital calculation or just borrower insights.

Property data

Years of accumulation of property-related data have resulted in MIAC’s UK housing database which provides us and our partners with a holistic, temporal view of all aspects of the property market.

Subsidence Data

Shrink-swell subsidence can have a significant impact on the value of properties and is likely to become more common with an increase in temperature and flooding. It is therefore imperative that any environmental stress test exercise has access to property-specific data for the most accurate analyses.

Construction Type Data

In conjunction with flood data, construction type has the ability to add further information on how a flood occurrence might impact a certain property.

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