DataRaptor ®

DataRaptor® for data management and reporting. Allows all loan types to be easily managed, including residential and commercial whole loans; asset-backed securities; and consumer loans.

DataRaptor® accepts data in any standard format including text files, spreadsheets, database tables, SAS® tables, and fixed width files.

Data can be loaded from one or multiple data sources including loan origination systems, servicing systems, or any other internal, proprietary system.

All asset types are easily managed by DataRaptor, including:

  • Consumer loans – secured and unsecured

  • Residential and commercial whole loans

  • Asset-backed securities

  • Other non-core assets (e.g. Equity Release)

Source data is loaded into tables, audited for accuracy and manipulated for output, pricing and reporting based on business rules.

Flexible output generation from DataRaptor® accommodates all standard formats for upload of data to downstream systems, both internal and external.  The Application works as well with outputting normalised data to external software applications as it does processing data to other MIAC Analytics™ downstream systems, like Vision™.